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Raw Honey Mask

Spring clean your beauty routine! Organic raw honey infused with rose petals or a few drops of rose essential oil (I love Geranium Rose) is the perfect DIY facial mask. Honey is antimicrobial and a humectant, therefore excellent in cleansing, healing and moisturizing the skin. My skin literally drinks it up! I slather this natural mask on my face a couple times a week. You can find the recipe shown from Free + Native ( I prefer to use Wedderspoon’s Raw Active Manuka Honey ( Manuka honey is all the buzz! Wedderspoon is the only certified non GMO honey on the market. It’s potent antioxidants & natural properties will heal & soothe your skin!

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I'm a Southern California native, born and raised in the heart of LA. I love all things natural, organic, pretty, lovely, artisanal, chic and uncommon. Creating a natural and beautiful home environment for family is my passion. I love my little California bungalow near the beach in the Southbay. My home is surrounded by family, friends, healthy food, art, music, succulents, sand, surfboards, little dogs barking, and all things uncommon. Chrissy Cantella Jones

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